Saturday, October 01, 2005

PSP, Best Buy, And Yet Again Google

Well hey everybody lets get into this. Yet again i have been "digging" around and found that google is offering free wi-fi in the San Francisco area. This idea that google was going to offer this was around for sometime already but it is now here. i hope google's testing in the San Fran area goes good because that means that they can offer it in chicago, n.y. and other places. Well that is all of the google news right now, lets talk about the PSP (Playstation Portable). We have so many things to talk about. First thing is that get a couple of hours ago RockStar has said that a mulptiplayer mode is going to be on the GTA for the PSP. This is great, i have played the mod that someone made for the GTA for the PC and it was fun, so i can't wait to play this even if it makes me upgrade. The second thing in the PSP world is a new firmware is being made right now...version 2.01. The only reason that Sony is doing this is because they don't like people hacking the system to play and run homebrew games. I find this to be pretty dumb. I love my PSP and i like Sony and the way the make game but the PSP is lacking the hit if they can come out with better games i might stop playing super mario world. The last thing in the PSP news is that on some site they're pics of the PSP running Itune 5.0. i know i want to see if for my self but the owner of the site doesn't want to give out the source of the program so we are all out of luck. The last thing i'm going to talk about and end the blog with is that according to CNN, Best Buy is now testing the sales of used video games in a couple of stores. i really can't tell if this is a good idea but i have bought and still buy things at Best Buy but they do offer products at a higher price than some stores but also they are sometimes cheaper. So i can't say if this is going to bomb or not, i hope not but i won't hold my breath. That's all for now.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

MIT, MP3, and More PSP.

well people i'm back tonight to write some more things that are happening in the tech world. The first is that MIT is making a $100 laptop. If you haven't since the pics of this laptop go to ( and check it out. It looks amazing and very high tech for the price being that cheap. I would go out and buy two when and if they come out. The second thing that i want to talk about is a mod for people to make a cheap ipod. Go to ( for all the spec and the design of the mp3 player. It's pretty cheap to make and if you don't want to spend that much on an ipod or if you just hate anything Apple, i would tell you to go and give this site a look. The last thing for today is that someone actually payed $200 for a psp box...that's right it is just the box, nothing more. thats all for now.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

PSP, Freddy Kruger, Opera, and Google.

Hey my fellow reader and tech heads. hope everyone is having a wonderful night/day or even you are reading this. well lets start this blog with some great news for people that own a psp version 2.0. well many of people know that if you want to play homebrew games or emulaters on the psp you need to have version 1.50 but people with version 2.0 are going to get lucky soon. so far some people have cracked the 2.0 firmware and are playing pong, that is a big step in the hacking biz but somebody has made a downgrader also. what is this downgrader i'm talking about...well it makes your version 2.0 back to a version 1.5 so you can run snes games on the psp. this is just amazing because that mean that i can finally update and then downgrade when i want to. Another thing that i found on-line was that Opera...yes another web browser is now free. Opera was the first browser to make the tab function and it also looks pretty, since you can change the skins but that all you can do. so if you are using internet explore for some reason and i have no idea why you would you should give Opera a try and also download Mozilla Firefox this web boswer is the best one yet. Now let me tell you one thing, i love google and everything they do except for google talk i found that to be somewhat not very useful. well google as now came out with a video can now search for video and play it on google. its pretty good and the best thing is that it not only offers small clips of shows but they also have the full show, like "Everybody Hates Chris". so if you missed the first show or the second one, go watch them on google video. Now to the biggest thing that i just found out is that Freddy Kruger had a T.V. show back in 1988-1990 and ran for about 44 ep. the show was called Freddy's nightmares and i just started watching some of them and i must show its pretty much like the "tales from the crpyt" but old school. the first ep. of the series is when they let Freddy out of jail and they (people from springwood) burn him alive. its pretty chessey but if you are a fan of the nightmare series like me then you should watch them. if you need help finding them then just leave me a message and i'll help you out.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

TGS and Apple's new tech gear.

hey my peeps,

sorry it took so long for me to update but i had things to do. will lets being. first lets talk about apple's/motorola's new phone...the Rockr. this phone is just an older modle of one of motorola's phone but with itunes. good idea right? yea it would have been if the rockr could hold more than 100 songs but it doesn't. not only is the lack of music space that makes the Rockr a bad buy but the price is to high. its $250 with a two year contract. the only reason one should buy this now is if the are going to buy a phone and don't have a mp3 player other than that stay way from this phone....if you do get it look around on google or email me and i can point you to a place where they hacked the phone to get more music on it. well lets talk about something new. The TGS (Tokyo Game Show) was this weekend and i must say it was the best one yet. not only did they have playable xbox 360 games at the booths but big news was shown and said there. The first big news is the release date to the xbox 360 but U.S. (Nov. 22) and Tokyo's (dec. 12). Other big news was shown to the public at TGS and that was that Nintendo's new revolution controller. Yes Nintendo went to TGS this year and that is big news as well but the new controller looks weird at first but i can't wait to i can hold it in my hand and play a game. Another thing that was big i mean big is the trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of the Patriots. Yes that is right MGS4 was shown and let me tell you that it looks awesome and amazing and it's all done in real time. If you haven't seen it go download it, save it and watch it over and over again. Well that's all for now. i'll update soon i hope till then get the hell out and watch MGS4 people.

LATER DAYS..........

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

two things in tech this week.

hi my peeps,

ok today this week in tech (TWIT) is out and if you never heard that podcast before you should give it a try if you are into tech if not then oh well. so today in the tech world we got two news which i find to be pretty important. first we have the pricing of the new windows OS (vista) which is going to be $99. thats right $99, the reason for this is still unknow and maybe the price could go up but if they offer this price it could slow down fake copies going around like their XP OS. its a pretty good idea if the stick with the price, making it cheap so everybody can buy one even if they lose it, they can still afford to buy it without hurting there pockets. the second news is that Sprint and NexTel have joined forces. so what does this mean you say? well it seems that you can now call anybody that has either nextel or sprint for free. thats right free, if you have either a nextel or sprint plan. notbody since the not that many people have either plan, so that means they will see sales go up in the coming months. well that all for now, stay tune for more in a day or two.

Later Days....

Friday, September 02, 2005

News in tech and some other things.

Hey my peeps,

i'm back today writing my first tech blog today. So take a wake with me down the path of tech. so today in tech we have the new winamp 5.1 is out, yes thats right new winamp is out. i'm not a big fan of winamp but its a pretty good program for music and video, yes its better than windows media player. we also have to things that deal with google. first we have the public release of gmail, so if you dont have an account with them, what the hell are you waiting for go and sign up its free and great. the second thing with google is that the new google talk is out. what is google talk you say? it a new messager program. i would have tought that google could have done something better but yet google did nothing with this thing. if you want to see and use it for your self go to tell me what you think. as for the other things going on with me is that i want to start a podcast, so if you want to help email me then we can talk more. so that is all so go and spread the joy of tech and click on the links.

Later Days.

more is yet to come

hey new blogger peeps.

i have just joined this blog site and yes this is yet another one of my many blogs that i have. this time i'll try to update every two days or every other week. i'll be posting things that happen in the tech and video game world but also things that happen in my everyday life. so feel free to send me ideas and whatnot and if you want to you can email me at or message me at (i'm using trillian so i have all three S/N in yahoo, aim, msn) and i have google talk @

later days